Not everyone is aware of the fact that, video gaming addiction is a mental health condition which is currently affecting lots of lives around the world.

As paraphrased from the World Health Organization which recognizes video gaming addiction, it is defined as a pattern of incessant and continuous gaming behavior which takes place either offline or online.

This continuous gaming behavior is characterized by worsened control over gaming, which makes the individual to place more premium on video games, rather than also pay ample attention to other important aspects of their lives.

Around the world, billions of place play video games, but not everyone is addicted. The difference between video gaming addiction and a healthy fun gaming is the detrimental activity which it has in the life of a person.

The fundamental reason why video games were created, was to keep all players invested. Video games were produced with the integration of top-notch behavioral psychology which ensures you are hooked, thereby making you spend lots of hours on gameplay.

Video games provide a form of engrossing experience, that makes your brain to secrete dopamine, which is known as the pleasure hormone.

If you are always exposed to dopamine production, it becomes too much, and this can result in some structural modifications in your brain. Therefore, you begin to reside in a world where you anticipate prompt gratification for a good performance.

Video games are so captivating, that you can play for long hours on end without realizing that lots of hours have gone by. Video games prevent you from making ample progress.

They are social in nature, and they provide an environment where there is a falsehood of safety, and you feel you are in charge.

It is very easy to spot someone who is addicted to video games. First off, the individual would always be preoccupied with video games. They would always think about the past gaming activity, and they would look forward to the next.

In addition to this, they would also lose interest in other activities; their relationship with family and friends becomes strained because they have devoted their time to something else.

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