kids video game addictionVideo games have proven addictive to every generation, but when someone becomes a video game addict as a child, their addiction story is very different from someone who becomes an addict as an adult. Children are far more impressionable than adults. Their brains are open to outside influences and absorptive like sponges. When a child discovers a love for video games, they will likely develop a strong, clinical addiction to them if they are not closely monitored by their parents.

The reason kids have a different experience with video game addiction than adults is complex. The life of an addiction is typically more or less severe depending on what age the person discovered the addiction in. When someone has reached maturity, meaning mid twenties or beyond, they are unlikely to discover any addictions that they will not be able to work through and overcome. When someone discovers an addiction in their teen years, it will be harder for them to break. Anything earlier than that is statistically an addiction for life for the individual.

These patterns are due to how the human mind works. The things we turn to for comfort, entertainment, pleasure and security in our youth are habit forming and affect us dramatically into our adult years. A recent addiction is one that a person can reason their way out of because they remember why and how it started, and can retrace their steps. An addiction that begins in youth goes subconscious by adulthood. The individual does not know why they engage in their addiction. They only know that they cannot control their cravings for it.

Video game addictions in kids sets in hard and fast. A young mind is an impressionable one, and the high quality graphics, catchy sounds and other entertaining game elements prove irresistible to kids. Parents are having an increasingly hard time controlling their kid’s video game habits as technology improves. Addiction specialists are seeing more and more children becoming addicted to video games and are trying to make information about video game addiction readily available to parents.

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