overcome gaming addictionOnline gaming as a hobby may seem harmless enough, but have you ever stopped to add up how many hours in your week go to online gaming? Gaming addiction is a very real thing with harmful consequences, and though it goes largely unnoticed in our culture, it does damage to a person’s well-being. A gaming addiction is particularly hard on the gamer’s loved ones, personal obligations and health.

An addicted gamer’s relationships undoubtedly suffer due to a gaming addiction. Family is usually the first to notice. A spouse or a significant other will begin to feel neglected, and children will be wanting for attention. The gamer sets an example of escapism as a priority and hurts the value system of their family. Friends feel the tug of distance as well and begin to feel that they are not a priority to you. Ending your gaming addiction will restore your relationships to their former closeness.

Jobs, school and other personal obligations also begin to go by the wayside when a person has a gaming addiction. Particularly any task that is meant to be completed in the home will be neglected, as that is where the gaming console is. If the gaming addiction is very severe, the gamer may also have a mobile gaming device which distracts them from life outside the home as well. This attachment to gaming devices can result in lost jobs, failing school and a general underachieving way of life.

And lastly, a person’s health will begin to deteriorate if they cannot separate themselves from their gaming addiction. Online gaming is a sedentary activity that involves no athletic ability whatsoever. Repetitive gaming causes muscle deterioration, weight gain and a slowed metabolism. It is far more natural to spend one’s time gaming in real life, in the form of a sport or an obstacle course.

If you are inflicted with a gaming addiction, the best thing you can do for yourself and your loved ones is to end your addiction. This does not mean you have to give up gaming. It simply means you learn to exercise moderation over your addiction. It is unhealthy and unnatural to game in excess. Resist your addiction and restore your relationships, purpose and health to their original state.

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